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 © John Keeble, On Edge Publishing, Cambridge, England

Lois A

A wake up call

February 9, 2018  Kindle Edition

I finished this book a week ago and am still digesting it. It is very well written. I'm trying to decide if the author is too hard on the human race as a whole. Probably not, but I wish it not to be true. It hinges a lot around intention and knowledge or ignorance. It was very thought provoking and emotionally provocative (having to do with beings and their treatment.) If you are looking for complacency and easy answers, this is not for you. Your thinking will be challenged.

Abby Osman

Powerful piece of fiction!

 February 18, 2018

Kindle Edition

John Keeble's Beyond Extinction has a powerful message that will force you to look inside yourself and challenge your own morality. I am not a science fiction reader. I don't like science fiction! But this was intriguing, so I took the chance. What a wonderfully written novel with a plausable future that will force us to take a stand and see how others just might see us. I love the characters, numan, human, dog, and electronic. Great book that went beyond my expectations.

Sunny Day

Science fiction based on real-life problems, written by an author who knows how to tell a story!

March 8, 2018


Beyond Extinction is an exceptionally well-written dystopian novel promising the end of humanity as we know it unless we change our ways, which there doesn't seem to be much hope for. Max, the golden retriever who lovingly romps his way through the story, may hold the keys to avoiding the end, but you'll have to read the book to discover all the possibilities. Some of the real-life questions addressed are those of class inequality, mistreatment of animals and the environment, and thirst for and abuse of power. A journalist who spent most of his career working for The Guardian, Keeble's storytelling is well-paced, and his characterizations won't disappoint.


A look into our likely future!

March 18, 2018  Kindle Edition

Buy this book! This author knows how to write. Keeble created a future world (2077)where everything is different and yet many things are only steps from challenges humans face today. The world Keeble creates is powerful, fleshed out so the reader sees just what is going on. There is a sweet story of longing for connection and redemption carried throughout the plot. As a reader, I cared about the main characters. As a human, I wish for others to care enough about the planet to make good choices and object to those leaders who do not. This story stays with you. You will find yourself reflecting on many current day issues.

Kris Fischer

The New Genetic World Appears Perfect But It Isn't

February 1, 2018

Kindle Verified Purchase

I’m not a science fiction reader, but this was a book I couldn't put down. John is a master writer and story teller. He weaves likable and not-so-likable characters together in a plot that twists and turns as species battle for dominance. The action is fast paced and the unexpected happens. Usually I find science explanations in science fiction boring, but in this book they don't overwhelm the pages, and the story unravels in a believable way. I liked the length and the main characters, one of which is a young golden retriever, Max. It's a must read. Enjoy

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