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‘A gripping story … makes you think and feel’

Jean McCord   

Will humans survive--and on what terms?

January 30, 2018

Kindle Verified Purchase

Excellent book! Keeble manages to juggle numerous threads and characters--human, genetically-evolved numan, technology with personalities, and canine--without confusing the reader. It's a gripping story, extremely well told. The book makes you both think and feel--and get caught up as the characters seek to survive despite the odds. I recommend it highly.

Pam Duffield

February 23, 2018  Smashwords

John Keeble's latest book, Beyond Extinction, could be described as a work of science fiction, but it is also a romance, with touches of sheer horror, yet with very funny escapes into the independent thoughts of delinquent cell phones.

The futuristic narrative is so much more than just a story. It carries a strong message and a severe warning, amid the dark side of artificial intelligence.

Set about 50 years from now, it highlights the cruel destruction of the natural world by humans. Now the tables have turned, bringing in other evolved players.

I enjoyed the fast pace of the story. The surprises along the way are intriguing and there's not a boring moment in the story. The main characters, a journalist, a genetic researcher and their delightful Golden Retriever are key the future new world.

Beyond Extinction is unputdownable.

Nancy Thornton
Humanity versus machines...and a dog named Max
March 1, 2018  Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

A setting in pastoral England (albeit years in the future) is where the tension mounts between humanity and the new oppressors, numanity. A struggle between men and technology described beautifully. The bad guys are bad. The golden retriever is delightful. Global warming, overpopulation...you name it the problems are there. The fight feels real. And Max, the dog, is my hero. So enjoyed this book. Would make a great movie. Well written.

A great modern science fiction

February 8, 2018  Kindle

Good book with lots of twist n turns. I really couldn't predict the next act as he wove his tale as described by the other commenters before me. It shows one possible outcome, based on the predicted changes in climate, automation, low speed orbital access, genetic engineering, configuration management, data storage and animal rights. As in most SiFi's, the future of humanity is not what we expect or hope for. Unlike many other modern SiFi's the future of humanity is of our own making, rather than an alien invasion. This is a good read for someone who wants to understand the impact of indecision or deferred discussion about significant issues facing our society. He probably could have gone on for another 100 pages, but that could be a sequel.